Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Well, my resolve to post a picture a day in 2013 immediately got derailed on the 2nd when I got the flu. Fever, aches and pains have kept me bed-ridden. I just managed to get out this morning, and planted myself in front of the keyboard long enough to post. I don’t think I’ll make it into work, but I promised myself I would, at the very least, post a picture.

There’s not much in my home office to take a picture of, but I do have this wonderful hand-painted calligraphy I got when I passed my second (or was it third?) belt in Aikido. It means, I think, heaven and earth. I’m not sure what the red letters mean. I presume that’s the artist’s (my sensei’s sensei) signature? Anyway, it reminds me that I can complete some things if I put my mind to it (and do not get derailed by the flu).

2013-1-4 002

If anyone knows Japanese kanji, you are more than welcomed to add your interpretations in the comments.

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