Red Skies

At last!

Actually, here in Sonoma County, we often get red skies in the morning and evening. Since moving to the area in 2010, I’ve been amazed at how red the sky is here during dawn and dusk. But I haven’t been able to capture it on my camera.

I often use the automatic settings and try to trick the auto-metering to approximate how much light I want in. It never worked out. Thanks to the online class I’m taking, I finally took the plunge into my shutter-priority setting mode on my camera and figured out how to use it, and finally got my red-sky picture! Woohoo!

So, here it is. Not as sharp as I wanted. And not composed as well as I could have gotten, but I was happy I got the color that was in my head.

2013-1-7 014
F/3.6, 3.2 sec., ISO-64



2 thoughts on “Red Skies

    1. Yes, I say it to myself often. Only, I know the other version: Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning; red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.

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