Coyote Skull

EDIT: I did a bit more research and it is actually a coyote skull, not a dog skull. Original text follows.

I’m not sure how long this skull has been out along the trail I walk, but I noticed it today. Presumably, someone had found it out in the scrub and placed it atop an old grapevine. I think it is rather cool looking (pun intended). I’m a little bummed that someone’s pet got unearthed, but such is life and death.

2013-1-21 014

2013-1-21 013


5 thoughts on “Coyote Skull

  1. On a whim, I once stuck a deer skull I found (not the one in the banner of my blog, a different deer skull) into the branches of a hawthorne. The cool thing is that it disappears in the spring when the hawthornes leaf out, then reappears around October or so every year. It is startling to see a skull looking out at you on that first walk in the fall.

      1. I have another one that I stuck on the end of a tree branch because my dog would do a double-take and sort of look up suspiciously at it every time he walked by, which I found very amusing. I have a lot of skulls on my property, I guess.

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