Weekly Photo Challenge: Love


Our dog gets a new bed about once every six months.

I don’t mean to be wasteful, but let’s just say our dog leaks. After so many washings, it is just best to get a new one. So, we are always on the look out for cheap dog beds. We’ve been happy with the dog beds from Costco, but the cedar-filled ones make my husband sneeze.

Just before Christmas, my mom and I were shopping at Sam’s. Lo and behold, they had one of those memory-foam, uber-plush, with-the-head-rest-thingy dog beds for only $40. Even though it was only $40, it was still twice the amount I normally pay. I was gonna pass. But then my mom said she’d buy it for our dog.

Needless to say, he loves the bed (and mom, he just doesn’t know it).

Taken with my iPhone in very low light.



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

    1. His name is Alby. And does he deserve it? Well…yesterday I had to wash him after he got spray by a skunk – that he was harassing. So…maybe not yesterday. But definitely most days. 🙂

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