Snow Treat

This is an old photo for my friend Matt over at Sweat, Tears, and Digital Ink. I couldn’t find a good moonscape-with-snow picture for him, but I like this one.

We used to live in Truckee, CA, where big snow dumps are fairly common. Not on a yearly basis, but if you lived there as long as we did, you tend to accumulate a lot of pictures like the one below.

What’s going on here is that I am, once again, torturing our dog. When I didn’t want to or couldn’t take him for a walk, I still had to burn off all his excess energy somehow. Easy-peasy if you have a backyard full of snow. Just throw a couple of treats out there when the dog’s not looking, then set him loose!

03-31-2010 007


4 thoughts on “Snow Treat

  1. He loved the snow. I remember him up on Donner in the summer and there was a wee bit of snow on the top of a ridge he took off and was in Heaven running in the snow..

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