Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Pretty much all the pictures you see on this blog are taken in my neighborhood, which consists of vineyards, grasslands, a small grove of oak woodland, a charter school and a few neighbor ranches.

We rent a small cottage on a vineyard and my daily walks with the dog usually start out in darkness, so I rarely show where I actually live. This morning, we went some place completely different (we drove to a nearby trail head). But I’m not going to show you that place. Maybe some other time. So just now, about half an hour ago, I went out with my old iPhone and documented the first bits of my walk.

The cottage has two doors. One that opens to a car-port, and another that opens to a small, gopher-infested patch of lawn and the vineyard.

The way we usually go
The way we usually go

The dog and I walk out into the vineyard and down a small gravel road to the main road we live on. But this morning, because it is more picturesque, we went down the driveway.

Looking down the driveway
Looking down the driveway

At the end of the redwood-lined driveway, my dog and I cross the main road. Across this street is a different sort of vineyard. It is a low maintenance, organic vineyard with head-pruned vines. It sits at the end of city park land that has not been developed into a park. It is accessible to the public, but since there are no proper trail heads (yet),  it is pretty much a hundred acres of free range for my dog and I to roam (along with our neighbors, of course).

The small path to the other side of the road
The small path to the other side of the road

Which is what you all normally see on this blog. This park-like area, a mix of abandoned vineyards, range land, grassland, oak woodland, and creek-side riparian is the focus of my normal camera. Since you get to see that all the time, I’ll save those for another post. Or, if you are interested, check out my previous posts.


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