Photographic Journal

I haven’t been taking as many pictures this year as I had hoped. I started the year out taking a basic photography class on, but I lost interest at some point and still haven’t finished it. I’m still taking pictures, but not with a focus to improve.

Today, I read a blog post titled Watch the Birdy over on Filling Spaces, and it made me realize the rich source of photographic material I have in my backyard – birds!

Sonoma County has a variety of bird species that live year-round as well as many migratory birds that stop by. So, I’m making it a goal to take a picture of a different bird species (and successfully ID it) once a week. That may turn into once a month, but I’ll try.

I don’t have a recent photo for tonight’s post, but I do have this one that I took on March 16th, 2013. My husband and I were out on a morning walk and on our way back, we saw this bird perched on the security light pole. Unfortunately, we were in a hurry to get somewhere and I couldn’t hang around and take a proper picture (plus I rarely am patient enough to photograph wildlife – this will be a challenge for me in more than one way). I know the photo is a bit dark, but does anyone know what it is?

2013-3-16 016

One of the tree-clinging birds, obviously, but it doesn’t quite look like a flicker or a woodpecker. Whatever she is called, I know she’s not from around here, because I haven’t seen her since.

EDIT: Of course, as soon as I hit publish on WordPress, I looked in one other field guide and found out what she is: Northern Flicker.

Oh, and don’t worry. I will finish that class…eventually!



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