Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece



This is a crappy photo. I know it is grainy, out of focus, and the prime subject (the dolphins) are too far away. But I had a disposable camera. Forgive me.

After mentally reviewing all my photos, I just really couldn’t think of one that gave me a unique, inspiring feeling. You know, something that made me think “masterpiece”.

To be sure, sunsets and sunrises are always inspiring to me, but I see those every day. I guess they have become mundane. But dolphins? Trolling a bay? I don’t get to see that often. Nor photograph it.


At the end of 2011, my husband and I went kayaking in the bay just north of La Jolla, California. I didn’t have a proper camera with me so I bought a disposable. When we got out on the water, we were amazed at how calm the Pacific Ocean felt. It rolled beneath us like silk. When we got far enough away from the shore, we started to see hordes of birds diving for fish. We thought, “Cool! We’ll see seals.” And we did (photo at right).

But what we also got to see were dolphins. A school (pod?) of dolphins were trolling the bay and they literally passed beneath us. I could have reached out and touched them. My breath caught at the masterpiece nature had created. The dolphin seemed so well suited for its task.

I wasn’t ready for the shot when they passed beneath us, but since they were systematically fishing the bay (back and forth), they did come by a few times and I managed the crappy photo above. Though poor, this photo reminds me of the masterful way the dolphins commanded the sea.



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