Travel theme: Statues

2013-1-17 014
Lucy (earthy theme)

Santa Rosa, California (where I live) is the home of Charles Schultz. Don’t know who that is? You may not, but you probably do know this character:

Charlie Brown (shopping theme)
Charlie Brown (shopping theme)

In 2005, the City of Santa Rosa started a tribute to the popular comic strip creator by commissioning several Charlie Brown statues subsequently placed around the city. Since then, several more characters have joined Charlie to parade around town.

the bird
Woodstock (glass mosaic)

It is always fun to encounter a Peanuts character while out and about on errands. I don’t always have my camera with me, but when I do, I make sure to take a shot. Here’s one of the original bronze statues commemorating, Marcie, one of the comic strip characters:

Marcie - reading in the park
Marcie – reading in the park

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8 thoughts on “Travel theme: Statues

  1. Oh that looks cool 🙂 Bristol – a city not far from me – did this last year for charity – except it wasn’t Charlie Brown characters, it was around 80+ Gromits (of Wallace & Gromit fame (link)). Sadly they are not there now, they were auctioned off around the end of August.

    1. Wallace and Gromit! I love those two.

      The Peanuts statues are generally privately owned, so they move around a bit, but there’s no reason for folks to squirrel them away. Their owners generally keep them out where everyone can enjoy them.

    1. There are four or five original bronze statues, but almost a hundred of the other ones. I’m not sure what they are made of, plastic maybe, but each is decorated differently. So, there are tons of Lucy’s out there and she’s in all sorts of colors. Same with Snoppy, he’s in all sorts of cute outfits. Thanks for stopping by!

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